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Area: 53,068 Km2

Area Code: 0451

Banks: Some main banks of money changing service

• Daowai Branch of Bank of China: Situated at No.185, Zhonyang Dajie, Daoli District, Harbin

• Zhaolin Branch of Bank of China: Situated at No.37, Zhaolin Jie, Daoli District, Harbin

• Heilongjiang Branch of Bank of China: Situated at No.19, Hongjun Jie, Nangang District, Harbin

Emergency Numbers:
Ambulance: 120
Fire: 119
Police: 110
Traffic: 122

Famous University: Some main universities in Harbin

• Harbin Engineering University: Situated at No.145, Nan Tong Dajie, Nangang District

• Harbin Institute of Technology: Situated at No.92, Xi Da Zhi Jie, Nangang District

• Northeast Forestry University: Situated at No.26, Hexing Lu, Dongli District

Hospital: Some main hospitals in Harbin

• The First Clinical College of Harbin Medical University: Situated at No.31, Youzheng Jie, Nangang District
Tel: 53641563

• Harbin Children’s Hospital: Situated at No.57, Youyi Lu, Daoli District
Tel: 84881200

Post Offices:
Daoli District: No.136, Anguo Jie
Daowai District: No.88, Nan Malu
Dongli District: No.20, Heping Lu

Population: 9,748,400

Useful Numbers:
China Telecom Customer Hotline: 180
Harbin Tourist Complain: 84664315
Mayor’s Hotline: 84612345
Taxi Complain: 86322900 86323900
Telephone Number Inquiry: 114
Weather Forecast: 12121

Zip Code: 150000

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