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Nightlife in Hangzhou

Bars: Prevailing all over Hangzhou, bars are mainly located at Hubin Road, Nanshan Road and Yellow Dragon Sports Center.

7 Club: This nicely situated joint just at the foot of Baochu Hill has housed a bar since 1994. Back then it was flowing, friendly and fun with beer.
Located on 43 Shuguang Rd.
Tel: 0571 8511 5795

Golden Time: It is a large entertainment centre, with coffee bar, KTV, Disco and a jazz bar. Situated at No. 169, Qingchun Road of Hangzhou.

Meng Zhi Hu: Situated at No.103 Nanshan Road. The wooden furniture here is impressive and unique. Once you enter the bar, your body will wave passionately with the hot music.

Qingchun Film City: Situated at No.60 Qingchun Road, Xiacheng District, Hangzhou
West Lake Cinema: Situated at No.95 Pinghai Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou

Coffee Bars: Nowadays there are more of 300 Coffee Bars in Hangzhou. Most of them are top grade and in fashion with unique furnishings and decoration.

Situated on Nanshan Road are the most luxurious coffee bars and Beishan Road gathers coffee bars with the most beautiful scenery.

Local Operas: Shaoxing Opera, the second largest local opera only next to Peking Opera. Noted plays include Zhu Yingtai and Liang Shanbo, the Legend of Lady White Snake, A Dream of Red Mansions, The Romance of the Western Chamber, and The Jade Hairpin, etc.

Theaters: The city of Hangzhou has several theaters and the traditional large-sized theaters, that nowadays are replaced by movie supermarkets with multiple halls or small-sized showing halls.

Teahouses and Storytelling Houses: teahouses in Hangzhou have a long history. During the Song Dynasty, teahouses prevailed all over Hangzhou. Now, Hangzhou sees a more popular tea cultures with over 700 teahouses of different flavors.

Shuguang Road is a famous Tea House Street in Hangzhou.

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