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By boat: Nowadays, the overnight boat service between Hangzhou and Suzhiu has been discontinued. Also there are boats to Wuxi along the Hangzhou-Beijing grand. Tickets can be purchased at the wharf ticket window one block north of Wulin Square, located on Nš 208 Huancheng North Road.

By bus: The city of Hangzhou has four bus stations (E, W,N, and S). Generally, the direction of your destination corresponds to the bus station's name, for example; if you are going to Shanghai, you'll want the East Bus Station. If you are going to Huangshan, buses leave from the West Bus Station.

If you wish travel to or from Shanghai, the bus has become at times more convenient than the train. Perhaps that buses depart with more frequency than trains.

Some bus stations:

• Hangzhou South Bus Station: 6am - 12am
Located: 407 Qiutao Road
Tel: 0571 8607 5352

• Hangzhou North Bus Station:
Located: 766 Moganshan Road
Tel: 0571 8809 7761

• Hangzhou East Bus Station: 6am - 12am
Located: 71 West Genshan Road
Tel: 0571 8696 4011

• Hangzhou West Bus Station: 6am - 12am
Located: 357 Tianmushan Road
Tel: 0571 8522 2237

By Plane: Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport has frequent services to Hong Kong and Beijing, however using Shanghai's domestic Hongqiao or international Pudong airports and connecting by train or bus is too a viable option.

International flights are possible. International towns that have service to Hangzhou include Seoul, Osaka, Singapore, Tokyo and Bangkok.

The airport is located to 30 km east of the town centre, taking 30 minutes and 1 hour by taxi. A taxi to or from the airport from the town centre is around Ĩ90.

Alternatively, if flying into Pudong Airport in Shanghai, there are also direct buses to Hangzhou. They leave from the second floor parking lot across from Gate 15 of Pudong Airport, departing every 1.5 hours from 10:30am to 7:00pm. It has a cost of Ĩ100.

By train: A train from Shanghai is the easiest way to get to the city of Hangzhou. Take into account that some trains are considerably faster than others.

In general, the train will take between 90 minutes to 150 minutes, however "local" trains can take over 3 hours.

Some train stations:

• Hangzhou train station: 24 hours
Located: Hangzhou Chengzhan Square
Tel: 0571 8782 9418
Tel: 0571 8782 9983

• Hangzhou east train station: 24 hours
Located: Tiancheng Road
Tel: 0571 5672 3456

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