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Song dynasty city
Song dynasty city: The Song - Dynasty city was established on May 18, 1996, as the first theme park in the city of Hangzhou and the largest of its kind dedicated to Song-dynasty culture.

The town embraces scenes built according to the traditional Chinese painting 'Riverside Scenes During the Festival of Pure Brightness', Song Square, Kowloon Square, and Celestial Hills and Jade-Like Pavilions.

Lingyin Temple: Lingyin Temple is tucked away in a secluded valley northwest of West Lake, 9 km away from Hangzhou town proper. It stands at the foot of the Beigao Peak and faces the Feilai.

With several old trees, groves of bamboo, and quiet, and beautiful surroundings, the Lingyin Temple, as one of China's ancient temples, had a tremendous influence on Buddhist communities inside and outside China, ranking among China's most celebrated Buddhist temples still existing.
Lingyin Temple

Temple and Tomb of Yue Fei
Temple and Tomb of Yue Fei: Situated on the western tip of West Lake, the Temple and Tomb of Yue Fei is one of Hangzhou's biggest tourist attractions.

Yue Fei is one of 2 Chinese generals ever to be deified. During 1125 AD, the Manchus invaded northeast China. Yue Fei led his troops against the Manchus and successfully repelled the invasion. But, after was falsely accused Yue Fei of treachery. At the age of 39, Yue Fei was poisoned to death in present day Hangzhou.

Xixi wetland park: The Xixi Wetland Park, touted as China's first such wetlands place for the public to enjoy. It is the capital town of east China's Zhejiang Province. The park welcomed visitors during the May Day holiday of 2005 for the first time.

The project was began in September 2003 and is expected to reclaim an area of 10.08 km2 of wetlands by 2008. A system of drains has been built in the wetlands. Moreover, more than 270 biological species have been introduced to heal damaged natural systems.
Xixi wetland park

Hangzhou grand canal
Hangzhou grand canal: The 1,794 km of long Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal is the longest and oldest man-made waterway in the world. It stands together with the Great Wall as a wondrous and magnificent attainment of ancient China, linking the north and south by the waterway.

The grand canal was built section by section in different parts of China before it was linked together, with each section getting its own name.

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