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Nightlife in Guilin

Nightlife in the city of Guilin is a attractive as its natural beauty. In the city of Guilin one can find modern nigthclubs, romantic night cruise to folk customs center on the Li River, tourists and travelers can enjoy or relax themselves thoroughly.


- Shi Guang Dao Liu: Situated at Fl.8th and 9th, Bagui Building, Zhongshan Zhong Road

- Guilin Plaza Hotel Karaoke Bar: Situated at No.20 Lijiang Road

- Yixing Bar (Grotesque Bar): Situated in Renmin Road

- Jiulong Nightclub: Situated at Underground No. 1 Building, Nanmenqiao

- Weilong Nightclub: Situated on Sanduo Road


- Li River Ethnic Night comprises Li River Cruise and Dancing in the Water Pavilion. The water pavilion is situated at Nš 2 Dock, Binjiang Road on the west bank of Li River, next to the Li River Yinzuo Ferry.

- The Li River Yinzuo Ferry is situated at No.2 Dock, Binjiang Road on the west bank of Li River. This luxury ferry integrates bar, ballroom and Karaoke together. Travelers and tourists can admire the fantastic scenery on both banks and enjoy the modern entertainment.

- Li River Folk Customs Center is situated where Li River meets the Xiaodong River. Tourists will appreciate the ethnic customs, cuisines, arts and architecture.

Enjoying the dancing performance, singing and ethnic costume show as well, tourists are sure to find tasting the ethnic delicacies a memorable experience.

Entrance Fee: for the Li River Folk Customs Center is of CNY 45 during the day and CNY 60 at night.


- Huayuan Zhi Ye: Situated on Guilin Royal Garden Hotel, No.186-1 Linjiang Road

- Guishan Zhi Xiu: Situated on Minghua Palace, Guishan Hotel, No.1 Chuanshan Road

- Haohua Zhi Ye: Situated in Art Museum at junction of Jiefang Xi Road & Rong Yin Road

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