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Folded Brocade Hill
Folded Brocade Hill: Folded Brocade Hill is one of Guilin's most climbable peaks located very close to the town center in the northeast of Guilin, near the Li River. Folded Brocade Hill consists of Yueshan Hill, Look-on-All-Direction Hill, Bright Moon Peak and Crane Peak.

Several Chinese inscriptions decorate the stonesides of the hill & the zone around the path leading to the top. The Wind Cave runs from north to south halfway up the hill, with a cool breeze blows inside it in every season.

Elephant Trunk Hill: Elephant Trunk Hill is one of the Lijiang River's most famous sights. Located at the joint of Yangjiand and Lijiang Rivers, the Elephant Trunk Hill, as its name suggests, looks like a giant elephant drinking water with its trunk.

The legend tells of an elephant that belonged to the celestial emperor. It is known that when the emperor came down to conquer the earth, the elephant was forced to work so hard and endure so much that he finally became sick.
Elephant Trunk Hill

Seven-Star Park
Seven-Star Park: Located in the east of Guilin, is situated by the side of the 7 Star Hill, where is also the location of the 7 star cave. The park takes its name from its 7 peaks which resemble the pattern of the Big Dipper constellation. In the city of Guilin, it is the biggest park with an area of 40 hectares & the best natural surroundings.

The Seven-Star Cave, also known as Bi Xu Cave and The Sun's Resting Cave, one of the most beautiful caves in Guilin.

It is situated deep in Putuo Hill, one of the 7 peaks which are quite famous for having stalactites, stalagmites and other natural formations that resemble landscapes and animals.

Fubo Hill : The Fubo Hill is located at the northeast of the town, with half of it in the Li River. The Fubo Hill has a legend that says: that once a general name Fu Bo tested his sword by cutting what was originally a stone pillar and has left a crevice at the bottom ever since then.

In the 'One Thousand Buddhas Cave', there are around of 200 Buddhas statues. Because of the beautiful sight and its peculiar caves,the hill is praised highly as 'Fu Bo Resort'.
Fubo Hill

Daxu Ancient Town: Daxu Ancient Town is located at the east bank of the Lijiang River, 23km southeast of Guilin town.

Having a history of more than 1000 years, the town originally formed in the early Northern Song Dynasty (960-1126) and was the leader of four renowned ancient towns in Guangxi Province as early as 600 years ago.

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