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Dining in Guilin

Guilin cuisine is typified by its delicate and sweetness use of spice and chili. It's a good especially place to taste snack food. Rice noodles is the most popular snacks available all over Guilin & other famous local dishes are taro pork, chufa cake, duck Soup stewed with gingko, etc.

Duck wrapped in lotus leaf: It's very healthful and tasty. Preparation, the duck is fried to a golden brown, then cubes of lean pork, ham, taro, bamboo shoot, & mushroom; greeens beans; & shrimp are stir-fried with seasonings & stuffed into the duck, which is then wrapped with a lotus leaf & steamed. Really delicious.

Fried meat floss with sweet-scented osmanthus: It's an excellent appetizer with a glass of wine. The pleasant scent of osmanthus is the highlight of this dish.

Lipu taro pork: It's made up of Lipu taro, pork, Guilin preserved bean curd, and others ingredients. The taro cubes and pork are fried separately and then steamed together. It is a very healthy dish.

Lo Han boiled chicken: As its very name says it, is steamed with traditional Chinese herb like astragalus, Lo han Kuo, and codeonopsis pilosula. This soup is ideal to lower blood pressure.

Rice noodles: It may be flat or round, are the most popular snack in Guilin.

Some main restaurants of Rice noodles:

- Youyi Xuan, situated at Jie Fang West Road
- Qin Ji; opposite to the Guilin Bus Station
- Shi Ji on the opposite to Weixiao Tang, Sheng Li West Road

Stewed clams and chicken: It is an excellent dish of the region. A pair of clams, a chicken, preserved longan, and slices of ham are stewed with various other ingredients in a covered porcelain pot for 2 hours. This mellow-flavored dish has several healthful benefits.

Stewed duck with gingko : It is a traditional dish in Guilin, ideal for lung problems. Gingko, ham slices, cubes of duck meat, and various other ingredients are steamed in braising cups.

Some main restaurants:

Guilin Bravo Hotel Restaurant: Situated at No.14 Rong Hu South Road
Guilin Ren Chain Restaurant: The leading caterer in Guilin.
Guilin Ren Western Restaurant: Situated on Yiren Road
Hao Da Ma Cate Square: Situated at Fl. 4, Bagui Building
Lao Xiang Qin Restaurant: Situated on southeast of Shizijie Square
Mingtien Coffee Language: This is a chain coffee bar with locations all over China. Situated in Zhengyang Street
Tong Lai Guan: Situated at No. 4, Zhongshan Middle Road, opposite to Guilin Hotel
Weixiao Eatery: Situated in Zhongshan Middle Road

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