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Shamian Island
Shamian Island: Shamian is not a true island. Nowadays is connected to the rest of the town by a series of bridges. During 18th and mid 19th century, it's the only site where foreign traders were permitted to set up their factories and warehouses.

Shamian Island is the reminder of Guangzhou during the colonial history. It became a French and British concession after they won in the Opium Wars, and is covered with decaying colonial buildings which housed residences and trading offices.

Temple of Southern Sea God: Located at Miaotou, Huangpu district of Guangzhou town, covering an zone of more than 30,000m2, the 1410-year-old Temple of Southern Sea God (also known as Pine Apple Temple or Nai Hai Shen Miao in Chinese).

It is the only one left from the 4 ancient Sea God Temples of China, and an important place that has witnessed the history of ancient Maritime Silk Road in ancient China.
Temple of Southern Sea God

The Great Mosque of Guangzhou
The Great Mosque of Guangzhou: Called also Guangta Mosque (Light Tower Mosque) or the Huaisheng Mosque (Memorial of the Holy Prophet), is thought to be the earliest surviving mosque in China and has the earliest freestanding minaret in China.

The Great Mosque of Guangzhou was first built in the Tang Dynasty, and was entirely rebuilt in 1350 in the Yuan dynasty under the rule of Zhizheng (1341-1368), and rebuilt again in 1695 under Emperor Kangzi of the Qing dynasty, after being destroyed in a fire.

Sacred Heart Cathedral: Situated at 56/7 Yide road in the center of Guangzhou, on the north bank of the Pearl River (Zhujiang) and close to the Shamian Island, the Sacred Heart Cathedral (Stone House, or Shengxin Dajiaotang) is a typical French construction built in 1863 and completed in 1888.

Covering a total zone of 2,754m2 and rising as high as 58.5 meters from the pedestal to the top of the tower, this huge Gothic granite building is the largest of its class in China.
Sacred Heart Cathedral

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