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Cantonese cuisine is well-known for its taste, fragance, blend of color and presentation, and it's ranked among the top 4 in the country. For example, dim sum, a delicate pastry, is famous for being simple yet delicious.

Southeast Asian:

Cow and Bridge Thai Restaurant: Address 2/F, Xiang Long Garden, 181 Tianhe Bei Lu, Tel: +86 20 8525-0821. This famous Thai restaurant offers several varities of Thai dishes.
Banana Leaf: Located on 28 Tianhe Bei Lu, tel +86 20 3891-0728. Traditional and established Thai restaurant chain in Guangzhou.


Baifu Restaurant: Situated on 112 Tiyu Dong Lu (3/F, Baifu Plaza), tel +86 20 3880-8268.

Datong Restaurant: Located on 63 Yanjiang Lu, tel +86 20 8188-8988. This huge restaurant spans all the eight eight floors of the old building.

Guangzhou Restaurant: Situated on 2 Wenchang Nan Lu, tel +86 20 8138-0388. This Cantonese family-restaurant has many branches all over the town.

Lian Xiang Lou: Located on 67 Dishipu Lu, tel +86 20 8181-1638. It was founded in 1889, Lian Xiang Lou is known for it's tasty dim sum.

Wenji Restaurant: Located on 10 Xuanyuan Qiao, tel +86 20 8172-8887. As the site was established by the former chefs from Qingping restaurant, they have the original Qingping chicken on the menu.


Cai Gen Xiang: Situated on 167 Zhongshan 6 Lu, tel +86 208334-4363. Open from 6:30am to 2:30pm and of 5pm to 9pm.

Fo Shi Jie: Located, Niu Nai Chang Jie, tel +86 20 8424-3590. Open from 7am to 9pm.

Fo You Yuan: Located on 12 Shi Lu Ji Zhongshan 8 Lu; 712 Shangjiu Lu, tel +86 20 8181-9188. Open from 6:30am to 3pm and of 5pm to 10pm.


La Seine: Located on 33 Qingbo Lu, tel +86 20 8735-2222. Nowadays, is the best French restaurant in the town. Also, one of the most expensive restaurants.

The Italian Restaurant: Located on 360 Huanshi Dong Lu, tel +86 20 8386-3840. Open from 10:30am to 2am.

The Mexican Restaurant: Just above the Italian Restaurant. OK but not great, fairly expensive.

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