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Guangzhou Travel Guide

Guangzhou Travel Guide

It is the capital and the sub-provincial town of Guangdong Province in the southern part of the People's Republic of China.

The town is also called Canton. It's a port on the Pearl River, navigable to the South China Sea, and is situated to 120km northwest of Hong Kong. It is said to be the third city populous metropolitan area in mainland China.

The language and food of the zone are still known as "Cantonese", and the airport code is CAN.

Guangzhou has little tourist destinations, but it's amazing how much the town actually has to offer.

Districts: Consists of 10 districts:

• Baiyun: The district has a big rural touch, also include a new aiport and the Baiyun Mountain.

• Haizhu: Situated south of the Pearl River, is a the district of business, generally in the areas of trading and Real Estate. Locals refer to this part of Henan as Guangzhou, meaning south of the river.

• Huadu: It is a developing industrial area. Highlights include the Huadu Square.

• Huangpu: It is a place very little known by foreign tourists, the district is the secondary center of eastern part of the town.

• Liwan: Known as the old Guangzho. It's combined with the old Fangcun zone in the southwest. Tourist highlights include the colonial Xiguan Old Houses, Shamian Island, and Shangxiajiu Shopping districts.

• Luogang: It's the center of the eastern part of the town, famous for its plum forest. It is a place very little known by tourists, but it has some historical places.

• Nansha: Nowadays, it is an industrial zone at the southern tip of the town.

• Panyu: District focusing on economic development and technology. Includes the Lianhua Mountain, the new University city and 2 wild animal theme parks.

• Tianhe: Nowadays is the new town center. It's a zone with several new developments, including skyscrapers like the Citic Plaza. Includes also Dongzhan Square and several shopping centers.

• Yuexiu: Nowadays is a political and cultural center, including the old Dongshan zone.

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