China travel guide


China Travel Guide

Land and sea routes

Numerous China's international borders are open to foreign travelers. If you are planning your route, you must be care about the Chinese visa, which may be used within three months of their date of issue. Tourist visas are obtainable in the capitals of almost all Asian and European countries.
By road By road
Foreign visitors are not allowed to drive their own vehicles into China, except if there are a deal with a state-recognized travel agency for a particular itinerary.

There are bus services between Sust in Pakistan and and Kashgar, between Almaty in Kazakhstan and Urümqi, and between Hong Kong - Macau and different places of the nation. The Torugart Pass between Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan and Kashgar, can be crossed if you get some kind of transportation on the Chinese side.

It's also possible to cross some borders on foot, including the route from Ulaan Baatar in Mongolia to Beijing, from Vietnam to Yunnan and Guangxi provinces, from Laos to Yunnan, and from Hong Kong - Macau to Guangdong.
By train By train
From Hung Hom station in Hong Kong, the trains run directly to Guangzhou, Beijing, and Shanghai (

From Hanoi in Vietnam, there are trains to Kunming, Nanning and on via Guilin to Beijing (

From Almaty in Kazakhstan there are trains to Urümqi in Xinjiang.

From Moscow there are trains via Ulaan Baatar in Mongolia to Beijing. There is also a service between Beijing and Pyongyang in North Korea.
By ship By ship
There are ship connections from Incheon in South Korea and from Shimonoseki and Kobe ( in Japan to Tianjin; from Incheon and Shimonoseki ( to Qingdao; from Incheon to Weihai; from Incheon to Dalian; from Kobe and Osaka in Japan to Shanghai ( and; from Incheon and Busan in Korea to Yantai; and from Hong Kong - Macau to different points around Guangzhou ( and and Xiamen (

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