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China City transport

City transport Most Chinese cities are provided of a variety of public transport like subways, buses, minibuses and even pedicabs (a basic method of transportation which involves usually an old strong Chinese man who bikes you around on his tricycle).

Only large cities such as Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou have efficient subways; elsewhere the city bus is the principal transport. These are not expensive and run from 6 am to 10 pm, but are often slow and too crowded. Private minibuses frequently run the same routes in similar comfort but a little faster.

Taxis are another good option if you want to travel quick and comfortable. They cruise the streets in the main transit points or are stationed in hotels and train stations. You can use also motorized rickshaws, cycle rickshaws and motorbike taxis outside each bus and train station.

Walking is, obviously, the cheapest way to navigate and know a Chinese city. Strolling through streets, give you the opportunity to stop and explore any historical place, park, restaurant or building you encounter. However going anywhere is often hard if you are not accustomed.
Be aware that walking on street in China is perhaps the most risky thing you can do, especially when you are alone.

You can buy maps of the cities in train stations, but most of them are in Chinese. In hotels and travel agencies you can buy maps just of the larger cities.

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