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China By ferry

Ferry There are many rivers and sea to navigate in China, but nowadays passenger ferries are on decline because of trains and buses are significantly faster.

The Yangzi, the third longest river in the world, travels thousands of kilometers between eastern part of the Tibetan plateau and East China Sea at Shanghai. It is a legendary trip which takes you through the famous Three Gorges.

Another interesting journey is the overnight spin up the Xi River between Wuzhou and Guangzhou, which provide an access to the famous splendor spots around Guilin.

Despite of traveling on a boat is not always the fastest or cheapest method of transport; it might be a refreshing change from the routine of bus or train travel. Conditions on board are diverse. If you will stay all the night on the boat, you might sleep on a bamboo mat on the floor or in a luxury private cabin.

In general, you must not expect very much, because the service is just normal or poor, except boats that leave from Hong Kong to Xiamen, Shanghai and other cities. These boats can be pleasure to ride. They are fresh, comfortable and spacious.
There is also a boat to Japan via Shanghai for around 150 dollars.

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