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China Travel Guide

China By car

Car Driving a car across China is still banned for foreigners. However, foreign residents can rent vehicles for local use in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, on Hainan Island and Sanya.

You will need an international driving license, proof of residency and pay some money to leave as a deposit. It is important to know that the Chinese drive on the right side of the way, so you must be careful.

Prices for renting a taxi or a jeep are around 70 dollars per day including the driver. It is better to arrange this through a hotel or a tour operator which might often include the services of an interpreter. In Tibet, renting a jeep with a driver is almost the only way to get to several destinations.

Remember that renting cars without their drivers is extremely dangerous. Cities like Beijing or Shanghai are huge and plenty of risks.
Only expert drivers can travel in the roads of the country with some security. So, never try something extreme.

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