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Bus In the city is common to use buses, but they are usually packed full of people. They are fairly comfortable when you can get a seat.

The advantages of bus over train travel are that seats are cheaper and it's no trouble to buy a ticket. On the downside, bus travel is noisy and very slows with stops every few minutes to pick up or set down passengers.

Long-distance buses are fairly ramshackle and extremely small. There are some new expressways, but poor maintenance of the roads and drivers working 12 hours without stopping per day, means that the travel can be absolutely dangerous.

But there are also luxury buses which are larger, with padded recline seats; air-conditioning, video and sometimes they have basic beds instead of seats (sleeper buses). However, road travel at night is always more dangerous.

If you have problems with buses, minibuses can be very useful on routes of less than 100 km. All are privately run and prices are not very expensive.

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