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China Travel Guide

China in bicycle

Bicycle China is the country with more number of bicycles in the world; approximately, about a quarter of people owning one. Most cities are valleys without many hills and all have rental shops for bikes, mainly around the train stations.

You can rent a bike for an economical cost, but you need to leave a deposit and some form of ID. You are fully responsible of the bicycle. There are cheap repair shops in all cities.

Another option is to buy a bike, a good alternative if you will stay in a place for a considerable time. Foreigners don't need any license to ride a bike. You can get it for around 100 dollars in almost all department stores. Then, when you leave China, you can easily resell it.

If you prefer you can take your own bike into China, but you have a lot of paperwork to do. Finally, you can know China on a specialized bike tour. It is expensive but it might be a very good way to start a long stay in the country.

Leave your bike in the designated parking areas which is everywhere. It will be protected by an attendant and you will avoid thefts.

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