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Air China has nearly 14 regional airlines linking all longer cities and many important places. It is more expensive flying than traveling on buses or trains. You should only consider traveling on a plane for long distances.

Buying tickets from the Civil Aviation Administration office, tour agent or hotel desk is seldom difficult. There are always flights along popular routes, so, you don’t have to worry about that. Airlines sometimes offer a bus to meet arrivals or take departing passengers to the airport for a little extra cost. As airports might be quite far from city centers; you need to ask if these buses are available.

There are important differences among the companies’ planes. Some of them give you a good service with modern airplanes, but not all companies are similar. You must take care choosing the better and secure option for you.

Tickets prices are around 100 dollars for traveling among the major cities into China, like Shanghai – Beijing or Beijing – Chengdu.

International flights
  - Air China: and
  - China Airlines:
  - Mandarin Airlines:
  - China Southern Airlines:
  - China Easter Airlines:

Local flights
  - Shandong Airlines SDA:
  - Shanghai Airlines
  - Air Macau:
  - Xiamen Airlines:
  - Shenzhen Airlines:

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