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China Travel Guide

Getting China

Getting there from the United Kingdom and Europe
China has many international airports; the most important air gateways are Beijing and Hong Kong. There are at least four airlines fly from London every day into these two cities…

Getting there from North America
There are several possible routes to China from the US and Canada. The principal option is through Hong Kong. Check the ads in magazines travel to compare prices and services. Particularly, the recent influx of Hong Kong Chinese into Vancouver...

Getting there from Australia and New Zealand
Hong Kong is the entry point into China from Oceania. However, it is also possible to fly direct to Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing without having to change planes and to elsewhere in China if you don't worry about making a stopover...

Getting there from Japan and Korea
There are a lot of flights from Japan to different cities of China because of the extensive commerce between the two nations.There are also quite a few flights from Korea...

Land and sea routes to China
Numerous China's international borders are open to foreign travelers. If you are planning your route, you must be care about the Chinese visa, which may be used within three months of their date of issue...

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