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China Travel Guide

Getting Around China

Beijing Subway China is huge and unless you pretend to stay in a small area, you will spend a lot of time and budget just traveling around the country. Fortunately, public transport covers almost the entire nation and it is cheaper than other places considering the distances involved. There are flights to all regional capitals and to many of the bigger cities; the rail network extends to every province except Tibet; the local transport, which includes everything from buses to tractors, covers all corners of the country. There are even some passenger ferries on the larger rivers.

Tibet is a restricted region for independent travels. Although tours are not cheap, in some cases they are the only practical way of getting out to certain tourist attractions.

When there are many options, tourist should take various days planning. Bus schedules are unpredictable and train trips have their own difficulties. You also must consider the mental and physical rigors involved on traveling by the cheapest way all the time. Generally, it is better covering long distances as much comfort as possible.

Transports in China

By train
China's rail network is complete and very efficient. It is certainly the most secure and reliable way to travel through the country...

By bus
In the city is common to use buses, but they are usually packed full of people. They are fairly comfortable when you can get a seat...

By air
China has nearly 14 regional airlines linking all longer cities and many important places. It is more expensive flying than traveling on buses or trains...

By ferry
There are many rivers and sea to navigate in China, but nowadays passenger ferries are on decline because of trains and buses are significantly faster....

By car
Driving a car across China is forbidden to foreigners still. However, foreign residents can rent vehicles for local use in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong...

By bicycle
China is the country with more number of bicycles in the world; approximately, about a quarter of people owning one. Most cities are valleys without many hills...

Hitching around China is possible but it is not recommendable. There are many personal risks inherent in hitching, even more in this vast and singular country...

Organized tours
Chinese tour operators offer excursions, from local city tourist attractions to river voyages and multi-day cross-country journeys...

City transport
Most Chinese cities are provided of a variety of public transport like subways, buses, minibuses and even pedicabs...

Useful travel phrases
Here you will find some Chinese practical travel phrases.

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