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Explore Yunnan It is a region in the southwestern with the wild - mountainous provinces of Sichuan and Guizhou. This zone has always stood distant from the rest of China. The variety of its history, landscape and people and the complexity of its climates and nationalities; converts to Yunnan in a singular but also difficult place to visit.

The northeast of Yunnan is flat and productive. Kunming, the capital of Yunnan, has a nice calm climate. Currently, this zone is more visited by tourists, which can enjoy attractive day journeys to nearby scenic marvels, and trouble-free access to a varied bag of little-visited highlights close to the border with Vietnam, recently opened in the last decade.

The Yunnan plateau is located in the West of Kunming. Snowbound mountains are extended to the north to Tibet, contiguous to the antique towns of Dali and Lijiang. Dehong is an interesting destination on the central border with Burma with a subtropical geography. Yunnan's deep south comprises the remote tropical forests and paddy fields of Xishuangbanna, which is a botanic, zoological and ethnic wealth next to Burma and Laos.

In this region are 28 recognized ethnic groups, the greatest number in any single province. The indigenous record includes Dai and Bai, Wa, Nu, Jingpo, Hani, Lahu, Naxi, Lisu and other groups shared with other provinces or bordering nations, in the middle of great mountains, jungles, lakes and modern towns.

At present, there are efficient ways to travel to this region, especially by air or bus. Burma Road is an amazing route between Kunming and the western edge, built in 1930s with admirable courage. There's a limited rail network within Yunnan, the most important is the one which goes to Vietnam and Xiaguan, near Dali. Kunming is linked to the rest of the country via Sichuan and Guizhou.

The climate of Yunnan is usually moderate throughout the year, though northern Yunnan has cold winters and heavy snow up around the Tibetan boundary, while the south is often warm, with a torrential rains and a lot of humidity in summers. There are some problems for tourists who visit this region, like dangerous roads, outbreaks of plague and military operations looking for illegal traffic of cars, timber, gems and drugs.

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