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Soft drinks

Soft drinks Visitors wonít have any trouble getting water in China, but they should be aware that drinking water directly of the tap is unhealthy. Boiled water is always available in trains and hotels. It is provided in big vacuum flasks or an urn. Travelers can also buy bottled spring water in supermarkets, small shops and station stalls. If you read the labels you may find rare minerals listed such as radon.

Canned beverages include numerous lemonades and colas, and the nationwide sporting drink Jinlibao, a sweet beverage made based orange.

Fruit juices are not very usual, but could be the most refreshing beverage flavoured with chunks of lychee, lotus and water chestnuts.

Coffee is produced and widely drunk in Yunnan and Hainan provinces. Elsewhere it is available as instant powder. At Hainan is also prepared a delicious instant blend with coconut essence.

Due to milk is considered a baby food; it is usually sold in powder form and people donít consume it too much, though there are some advances in the promotion campaign of its healthy valor, especially for the elderly.
Yoghurt drinks are very sweet and can be found in several places around the country, in little six-packs form. Yoghurt is a popular drink among children, even when their elevated sugar content could not be good for their teeth.

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