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Breakfast, snacks and fast foods

Fast foods Breakfast is not an important meal in Chinese culture. People usually take some bland in the morning waiting for midday. The majority of the population eats a bowl of zhou (rice porridge) or sweetened soy milk, accompanied with pickles and plain, heavy bun or fried bread stick. Another favorite dish is a plain soup with rice noodles and small pieces of meat.

In almost all cities and towns there are early opening snack stalls, frequently situated next to markets, train and bus stations. In these places can be gotten ravioli such as jiaozi or shuijiao , served fried or boiled; kebabs; grilled chicken wings; stuffed buns; spiced noodles; baked yams and potatoes; boiled eggs; grilled corn and a lot of local dishes.

Today, there are many Western-style fast foods in China, especially in larger cities; some of them are home-grown copies of burgers, bars and fried chicken which have English names and Western symbols.

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