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Alcohol Alcohol (pijiu) has become very popular in China, especially during the last century. In the last decades Chinese beer has been exported to other countries of Asia and the world but in recent years it has suffered a decline due to water pollution which has affected their name and finances.

Chinese men prefer drink beer during mealtime than other beverage.

Chinese women donít drink alcohol in public because it is not considered proper, but this social rule is not apply to foreign women.

Germans established the first brewery in the nineteenth century at northeastern treaty port of Qingdao. Today, the beer that they created, Tsingtao, is extensively available in the country. However, nearly all provinces produce their own beer with the pilsner style.

Alcohol is sold in liter bottles. They are drinkable, regularly with good flavor, and currently cheaper than bottled water. Draught beer has been established at several places across the country and also has become very popular at restaurants and bars.

Be careful when you ask for wine in China because it usually doesnít carry the conventional significance. Frequently, "wine" represents spirits made from rice (mijiu), sorghum or millet (baijiu). It is custom in the entire country, serving spirits to guests as a sign of hospitality after eat in banquets and familiar dinners.

In general, local home-made varieties of wine are much better than commercial products, which donít have a pleasant taste on the palate, including the expensive Great Wall and Dynasty labels. A great example of this is the regional wine of Xinjiang Province, where people - who are Middle Eastern descent - produce excellent grapes.

Something similar occurs with spirits. Home-made beverages are superior to national Moutai and Wuliangye labels. International spirits are imported by big department stores and tourist hotel bars, principally whiskies. Imported spirits are very expensive and are not always available.

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