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Leiyin Temple: Situated to 4km from the south of Dunhuang City, belong to Yangjiaqiao Country, at the left side of the highway which is from Dunhuang town to Mingsha Mountain. It is said that there was a Leiylin Temple near the Yueya Spring in the ancient times.

The Leiyin Temple covers 43 mu and has a building area is more of 3000 square meters. The Leiyin Temple is constituted by 1 main temple, two accompany palaces, monk buildings and the benefactors guests rooms, having more of 100 houses totally. 37 statues of Luohan, Budda, bodhisattvas and the pupils get oblation.

Mogao Hole: Also, known as Qianfo Hole, is one of the famous 3 greatest stone caves of China, is also a art treasure-house of Buddhism which has the most great scale in the world and is totally intact.

Situated in the Dongluan in Mingsha Mountain which is apart about 25 km from the Southeast of downtown of Dunhuang. Mogao Hole is the cultural object treasure-house, smoke adn big desert, the side wall fills, a camel bell, pure spring oasis.

Mogao Hole is formed by one line of holes which is about 1600 meters long, it has several 5 layers totally from the top to the bottom, found in 363 A.D.

Mingsha Mountain: Also, known as Shajiao Mountain or Shensha Mountain, it starts the precipice of Mogao Hole in east, connects with Dang River in the west, continues 40 km long from east to west, the breadth 20 km from south to north and has several meters high.

Mingsha Mountain has several colors sand, and it is characterized by red, yellow, green, black, white, which gives you a very beautiful color.

Yadan geography in Bulongji: One can reach Jiayu Pass from the Anxi County to go to west for 265 km; the landscape of Gobi desert is very special.

The Bulongji County is situated 45 km from the east of city, there are a ground of the breeze eclipse of each difference and the dog tooth interleave of forms everywhere at 2 sides fo the highway, it is the typical Yadan geography spectacular.

White Horse Tower: Nowadays, White House Tower is impressive-looking, the tower has nine layers and 12 meters high with a diameter of 7 meters. White House Tower has a style octagon; wrapped whith the bricks, the first face is three meters of breadth, the second to the fourth layer present to fold the heavy form of cape; there are outstanding milk nails under the fifth layers, rounding one circle, the sixth layer is the tower body, the seventh layer is a shape of mutually; the eighth layer is hexagonal dish and the ninth layer is the bead type tower point.

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