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Dunhuang Cuisine: The dishes of Dunhuang have a good taste, and are very typical. Usually, the local people like to eat beef, chicken and mutton. The Huang noodles in Dunhuang is thin like dragon beard and long like line of gold and its flavor is really good.

Some traditional dishes:

Fry Oil Cakez: It is prepared with stuffed sugar candy, rose-essence, sesame and walnut in an oil flour skin that are rounded, and then fried. The cake tastes crisp, fragrant and sweet.

3 Treasures of Anxi: Shuangta Fish, Guazhoun Melon, and Suoyang Wines, is source of Anxi dining culture. Is recommendable for tourists or of otherwise your travel will be not complete.

Santubenyue: Use the omelette, the Kinhua ham and the laver and according to 3 rabbits with in the Hole of Mogaos to use only 3 ears skillful of replaced 6 ears, the formation equilateral triangle, color gorgeous "3 rabbits Zao well diagrams" are cold to put together but became, conceiving outline the handiness.

Stir-fried Hump with 5 Shredding: Typical dish of Dunhuang was a favorite of high-ranking imperial during the Tang dynasty. The main ingredient is Camel hump, accompanied with 5 shredding consists of Yulan, Dongru, leek shoots, ham and chicken breast.

It's featured in fat and the soft meat.

Quick-frying Hump: We must first cut the Camel hump into regular pieces or shredding and quick-fry them. After flavor with seasonings, and voila the finished fresh, soft and tasteful Quick-frying Hump.

Yellow Noodles: It is a class of Lamian. Yellow Noodles look like golden threads, tastes delicious and have a soft texture. Is used in soups, or mixed with cooked vegetable dishes, and being savoury, makes a good appetitive. Yellow Noodley is also a typical food in Dunhuang.

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