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Datong is a small city from the province of Shanxi, with more of 3 million people. Datong is an industrial city that once during the Wei dynasty has served as capital.
History of Datong
Datong was founded as Pingchéng during 200 BC in the Han dynasty. The city of Datong situated near the Great Wall Pass to Inner Mongolia it blossomed during the following period and became a stop-off point for Camel Caravans moving from China into Mongolia and beyond.

It was sacked at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty. Pingcheng became the capital of Northern Wei from 398 AD until 494 AD. The famous Yungang Grottoes were constructed in the later part of this period (460 - 494 AD).

The town was renamed Datong in 1048 AD and sacked again at the end of the Ming Dynasty (1649 AD), but promptly rebuilt in 1652 AD.

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