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Datong Volcano: Also, called "coal sea", are situated northeast of Datong County at Xigelaoshan. With an area of 60 km2. 10 Volcanoes are grouped together, and each has different size and shape.

The volcanoes situated in Datong are more or less covered with loess.

Huayan Temple: Huayan Temple, is situated in the southwestern part of Datong town. Nowadays, Huayan is one of the biggest temples in China. Huayan Temple is divided into the Lower Huayan Temple and the Upper Huayan Temple.

Nowadays, the Huayan Temple is considered to be one of the 2 biggest Buddhist halls existent in China. Huayan was build in 1062 during the Liao Dynasty.

In the Huayan Temple there are 20 statues of lokapalas and 5 statues of Buddhas in the center of the hall, wich covers 1,559 square metres.

Shanhua Temple: Shanhua Temple, also known as the South Temple, is the best preserved of temples built in the Jin and Liao Dynasties. Shanhua Temple was build during the Tang Dynasty and destroyed during the Liao Dynasty and rebuilt during the Jin Dynasty

It has an area of 14,000 m2. The Shanhua temple is a excelent manifestation of the traditional Chinese architectural philosophy. The temple has 3 main buildings: the Gate, the Hall of the Three Saints & the Grand Hall.

Yungang Grottoes: Situated at the foot of Wuzhou Mountain, approx 16 km west of Datong, is one of largest grottoes of China and world-famous treasure-house of culture and arts.

Nine-Dragon Screen: Datong is also called the "Home of the Dragon Walls". There are nine dragon screen, a three dragon screen, a five dragon screen and an one dragon screen in the town. Nowadays, the most famous is the Nine Dragom Screen.

Nine Dragon Screen, situated at the town's Dongdajie Street, was built 600 years ago during the Ming Dynasty in the reign of Emperor Hongwu.

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