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Eating in Datong

Shaomai: Shaomi which is the staple food of the dinner party sometimes is also known as Shaoemi because it looks like a plum when it comes out the form. The side is snow-white; we can see the meat stuffing in the center through the skin. Eating one mouth is oil of one mouthful, thin chew one regiment meat.

Beer in Yungang: Beer in Yungang is the local famous product of Datong and is manufactured in Datong town. During 1987, beer in Yungang and beer specially made in Yungang were judged the high-quality products of Shanxi Province, sold well in Shanxi, Hebei, Inner Mongol, Beijing etc.

Beer in Yungang, is a beer of high-quality malta, big rice as raw material, and the density of its original malt is 12 degrees.

Hunyuanshu soybean: The soybean, whose scientific term is broad bean, is a type of bean farm crop that implies various nourishment compositions, is one of the advantage farm crops of Hunyuan County. Actually, it mainly produces in Heng Mountain. Hunyuanshu soybean has 5 greatest characteristics which are big, shu, joss-stick, good-looking skin, blooming.

Youzhagao: It is characterized by yellow rice and yellow rice to powder, the yellow rice cakes which are made of the yellow rice powder have 4 main characteristics which are joss-stick, soft, yellow and Jin. There are 2 methods for eating, one is plain cake, and the other is to fry cakes in oil.

A Fry cake in oil to relatively pay attention to, it has 3 characteristics which are small, thin skin and several patterns.

Yangza: They are Yangxiashui, wash the sheep head, the bowel lung, darling, hoof and the sheep blood clearly, cook them and cut to pieces.

Potatoes: Potatoes are known also as Shanyaodan by local people, have the characteristics of high protein, high carbohydrate, the enrich vitamin. The potatoes can also by used to eating, and maybe in the medicine too.

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