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Restaurants in Dalian

The local cuisine heavily depends on variety of fruits and fresh seafood, both of which are abundant in the area.

Dalian is a province of China, and one of the important towns in the nation. Usually, one can find several restaurants in Dalian that offer you mouth-watering cuisines.

China is famous all over the world for its specialty dishes, and the city of Dalian is famous by its sea foods. Several restaurants in Dalian offer lip smacking sea food delicacies.

One can visit Dalian, and explore the wonderful eateries and restaurants that offer good quality food in comfortable. There are many Korean restaurants, Chinese restaurants, Japanese restaurants offering visitors and tourists something to satisfy their taste buds.

One can find in Dalian, fast food chains like McDonalds and KFC have set up several branches throughout the city.

A little bit of effort and you will reach a couple of Irish pubs where you can relax with a pint of Guiness.

Some main restaurants in Dalian:

Name: Location: Type: Telephone:
Tian Tian Yu Gang 26 Huachang Jie Chinese (0)411-2802708
Hyakuninisshu Korean & Japanese
Jiangnanchun 102 Tianjin Jie Chinese (0)411-2818733
Uminosato 46 Century Street Korean & Japanese (0)411-2656942
Sea Palace 199 Ying Bin Lu Chinese
Sorabol 18 Qishi Yi Lu Korean & Japanese (0)411-2631460
An Xian Seafood Restaurant Wuwu Road (0)411-2641182 Chinese

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