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Laohutan Ocean Park
Laohutan Ocean Park
Laohutan Ocean Park: Situated in the middle of Binhai, South of Dalian. There are 4 theme parks:

1 Aviary
2 Coral garden: 300 corals covering 200 different species.
3 Sculpture garden with granite animal statues.
4 Polar garden: the only one in China showcasing polar bears and their habitats. One can find an undersea marine animals in the area, and some services with shops and restaurants.

Shengya Ocean World: Located 608 Zhongshan Road, Shahekou District, inside Xinhai Park, has the longest transparent underground sea channel in Asia.

One can find in the tunnel to get a close up look at exotic sharks, fishes and other sea life. The principal display area has more than 300 of fish totaling more than 10,000.

Also, one can see colorful tropical fish, big-headed flying fish, ferocious sharks and several other rare species from around the world.
Shengya Ocean World
Shengya Ocean World

Golden Pebble Beach
Golden Pebble Beach
Golden Pebble Beach: Occupies an area of 62 squeare km. There are 4 tourist centers: color center, silver center, blue center and green center.

Color Center: It is known for the growing, display and sales of plants and flowers from around the world.

Silver Center: This center has an italian bar, a hunting club and displays of Russian wooden houses and chinese farm yards.

Blue Center: It is a boating facility. Qinki Lake there has berths for more than 50 pleasure boats.

Green Center: The principal body of the Green Center is the Golden Pebble golf club. It occupies an area of 17.5 km. Nowadays, is a member of World Tourisn Association and American Gulf Associatition.
Charm of the Sea Square: Covers an area of 380,000 square km, with 30,000 square km of decorated stone floors, 12,000 square km of greenery, and several sculptures.

At the center of the Square is a large sculpture, consisting of 5 white steel pipes with differing curvatures. The sculpture is 19.9 meter high, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the city of Dalian in september of 1999.
Charm of the Sea Square
Charm of the Sea Square

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