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Dalian Travel Guide

Dalian Travel Guide

Dalian is a huge town with many district articles containing nightlife, restaurant, accommodation and sightseeing listings consider printing them all.

Dalian is the second largest town in Liaoning Province and the largest port in northern China. The city of Dalian is located in the southern tip of Liaodong Peninsula, China, facing the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea.

The city of Dalian is a center of tourism, information and finance. It is known as a vibrant economic center, it has many new business developments. The city has a highly developed software industry.

Dalian city is known for its pleasant climate, beaches and scenic mountains, Dalian is a world famous tourist and summer resort.

The city of Dalian, compared to ancient capital towns as Nanjing, Xi'an, Beijing or Luoyang, is a young town with only a 100-year history. The old name of Dalian was used in memorial to Emperor Guangxu during the Qing dynasty (1644 - 1911) referring to the present Dalian Gulf.

In 20th century, the gulf area developed quickly and Dalian expanded into a town of significant importance and size.

Dalian nowadayas is known as 'Hong Kong of Northern China'.


The city of Dalian is divided into four main districts:

• Ganjingzi District, is by far the largest district.
• Shahekou District, residential area.
• Xigang District, Dalian's government district.
• Zhongshan Distri, home of Dalian's comercial and financial center.

Some data of Dalian:

Telecode: 0411
Post Code: 116000
Nationalities: Han, Manchu, Hui, Xibe, Mongol, Korean, Zhuang, Dong, Uygur, Tu, Miao, Daur, Russian.

History of Dalian

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