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Teaching a language in China

Teaching Teaching a foreign language, especially English, is a very common source of employment for foreigners all over China. You can ask for teaching opportunities at Chinese embassies.

Due to salaries are not too higher, large teaching-hours and one-year contracts; the principal reason of teaching in China is to experience its great culture at a more profound level than as a tourist.

In small towns and rural areas you probably won’t need any qualifications beyond an ability to speak English (other languages are not popular, except Japanese), but if you have teaching experience you might be classified as a foreign expert, which means a better salary. In these towns there are some restrictions on interaction with foreign people founded in ancient beliefs.

Requirements and qualifications for teaching at colleges and universities are gradually higher: from just knowing the English language up to needing an MA and experience.
Important employments require at least one, preferably two or three of:
  • A degree.
  • A teaching certificate for primary school or high school from your own country.
  • A recognized TEFL certificate.
  • A teaching experience.

In classrooms, teachers have to evade talking about religion or politics because they are sensitive topics that can bring troubles. The largest part of foreign teachers who were in China, defines their students as keen, hard-working, curious and obedient people, and remembers their experience as a great time of their lives.

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