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Scholarships in China

Scholarships The Chinese government offers scholarships to foreign students with the aim of promote its culture and language. There exist partial scholarships, which cover the tuition fees; and full scholarships, which cover almost everything, including books, rent, medical coverage, and a monthly allowance for food and expenses.

Getting a good scholarship can help you to avoid some red tape, obtain a Residence Permit, and even live in China virtually for free. If you are interested in apply for a scholarships; embassies, universities and language schools with China-related courses are the best option to enquire about them. The number of scholarships varies from country to country.
The procedure for getting a scholarship normally involves:
  • Certified copies of your highest degree with your exam scores.
  • Two letters of recommendation.
  • Proof of a complete health check-up (blood-test, ECG, X-Ray).
  • A motivation.
  • Eight passport-sized photos.

The embassy to Beijing receives all the requirements and chooses who is accepted, where, and under what modalities. Application regularly is in March and the answer may delay until August because classes start in September.

A letter of acceptance by the University your choice is the confirmation. When you get to China you will obtain the Residence Permit that lets you stay a year in the country, lets you leave and enter the country as you desire, and the ability to travel within the country during weekends and holidays.

You can find specific information about scholarships at China Scholarship Council's website:

If you donít get a scholarship there are several universities which receive foreign students by a payment for education. Courses cost about 4,000 US dollars per year. Students have to consider also the costs of accommodation (around 10 US dollars a day), food, transport, communication and medical issues.

The majority of classes are in Mandarin language, but you can study almost everything. Be aware that studying acupuncture, martial arts and Chinese medicine are generally better in Western.

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