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Other jobs To work as teacher in China, you must present a Foreign Teacher's Certificate or a Foreign Expert's Certificate provided by the State Administration for Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA). After this, you can easily get the working visa and consequently the Residence Permit.

Being a teacher can result a great job if you understand the current reality of China. Teachers must limit their chair to the academic subjects.

Researching is complicated by government restrictions and you have to beware of unscrupulous and dishonest employers.

Pay and conditions of teachers differ depending on location, experience and credentials. But in general, teachers almost always make enough to live well in China, free accommodation is provided by the institution, and there are price reductions in some services.

But teaching is not the unique employment in China; actually, the opening policy has been offering a lot of business opportunities and currently there are hundreds of occupations for foreigners in the country including managers, salespeople, technicians, computer programmers, consultants and other professionals. Many times, people who are visiting China, take employments offered by embassies or companies and stay in the country for a time.

Something that you should consider is that the Chinese do business based on reciprocal trust and personal relations, paying less attention to contractual conditions or legislation. The best places for working are the greatest cities with alien influence, like Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangzhou or Beijing. Frequently, the ability to speak Chinese is required, even at international companies.

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