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World acceptance

World acceptance In the 1960s, the communist leader of China, Mao Zedong, determined to create a standardized format for the application of the classical medicine of China, under the name of Traditional Medicine of China -TCM.

In 1974 the World Health Organization recognized the benefits of acupuncture for treating certain illnesses, while in 1979, after several years of research, the United Nations officially declared that TCM can be useful to treat viral and bacterial infections, respiratory, circulatory and neurological conditions and musculoskeletal traumatic injuries as well as arthritic and inflammatory troubles.

Despite Western medical techniques are better for treating major physical trauma with surgery, TCM has proved that is at least as effective as Western medicine in other conditions, and the fact that there are traditional medical schools in countries worldwide including cities of most of Asia, Europe and Northern America, as well as each province of China, is a sign of its global acceptance.

Remember that TCM is a classical wide collection of methods taught for generations of Chinese practitioners; most of them, part of a family lineage. Today there are several schools of Chinese medicine, but not all of them have TCM experts teaching.

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