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Visa extensions

Visa extensions You can apply for a visa extension in the Foreign Affairs department of the Public Security Bureau (PSB), in the major Chinese cities and several towns. Depending on where you are, your nationality and what season it is, you will have to pay some money and spend some time.

A first extension, valid for a month, is simple to get. The price for extensions depends of the nationality - most Americans pay around 30 dollars, Europeans a little more.

However, the PSB office may decide to make extra charges. In some small towns the process take few minutes; in cities it can take up to a week. The worst place to apply is Tibet, sometimes more than a week.

A second or third extension is more difficult to obtain, in major cities it is almost impossible. PSB offices can give some kind of extension, though it may just be for ten or twenty days. You will be asked your motives for wanting an extension.

Fourth or even fifth extensions are possible in some exceptional cases. You will need to have excellent connections with a PSB office. Ask information from a local independent travel agent or try going to a lawyer's office in order to get advices.

Remember to be calm and polite, and try donít seem very anxious for the extension.

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