China travel guide


China Travel Guide


Customs There are some basic rules for import to and export from the mainland China.

You are permitted to import up to four hundred cigarettes, two liters of alcohol, twenty fluid ounces of perfume, and up to fifty grams of silver or gold. It is not allowed to ingress more than 6,000 yuans. If you want to take the foreign currency into China over 5,000 dollars or equivalent, it has to be declared.

It's prohibited to import printed matter, tapes or videos critical of the government policy. Confiscations are very unusual, so don't worry about this, except if you are planning to travel to sensitive areas such as Tibet. In that case, you have to be careful with the things that you pretend to bring to China.

Export restrictions vary according to cultural politics and business strategy of the country. You will require applying an export form available from Friendship Stores, if you want to get something out from the country. You can be asked to show receipts for any cultural relics you bought. If you donít have the corresponding receipts you will not be permitted to take them out of China.

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