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Grasslands and deserts

Grasslands and deserts Half of the China's territory is occupied by grasslands and deserts. There are productive grasslands at the north and west of China in Inner Mongolia, Ningxia Autonomous Region, parts of Qinghai and Tibet. In these vast regions, wildlife includes three endangered species: Przewalski's horse, the Asiatic wild ass and the Bactrian camel (the predecessor of modern camels).

Furthermore, there are other species (the Tibetan gazelle is an example) that are threatened by the migration to Tibet, the mineral industry and illegal hunting.

But the major problem is the high depletion of the natural carrying capacity and risk of desertification produced by millions of sheep and cows, principally on the grasslands of Inner Mongolia. Domestic animals and the man have become a direct competition against the natural species. Despite the government intentions, traps for wild animals, burning trees and the increasing of pasture areas, are permanently destroying the natural flora and fauna.

In northeastern China there are several deserts covering these isolated parts, including the huge Gobi desert. Next to the deserts are located arid steppes with some particular species.

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