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Getting medical help

Medical Help There are pharmacies practically in every town of China, which can be helpful for minor injuries or ailments. Larger ones frequently offer diagnosis and advice, but you have to known basic Chinese words, so the staff will be able to help you. Medical products come principally from Asia and their available is improving. Visitors can also try with herbal medicines or Traditional Chinese medicine, but they have to be careful with adulterated products.

Big hotels habitually have a clinic for guests providing diagnosis, advice and prescriptions with an English-speaking attention. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong have clinics particularly for foreigners with international staff.

Addresses of clinics and hospitals are listed in the towns and cities guides. If you are seriously ill or you have an accident, try to go to a hospital because it often is more equipped than a clinic and has emergency wards. In rural areas, hospitals may be sited distance away, so you have to be more careful. Dial 120 is a free call from any telephone for an ambulance. Note that in some cases it is better taking a taxi than waiting for an ambulance, which usually donít have a sophisticated emergency technology.

Most hospitals and medical facilities will require a payment up front. In larger cities some clinics accept credit cards, but others could insist on cash. Just a few of them recognize foreign medical insurance, so it is very recommendable to check your own travel insurance cautiously before you travel.

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