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Costs in China

Costs China is huge and has severe regional variations; that is why it is hard to make accurate calculations of how much money you will need for each day. But, with about 15 US dollars per day, you can be able to eat cheap food in mid-range restaurants, travel on local or provincial buses, and catch economical trains in whole China.

The real significant difference between the east coast and the interior provinces is the cost of accommodation. On the great cities of the east coast the cheapest prices are around 45 US dollars, while in the towns of the interior provinces like Sichuan, you can find beds for as little as 1.5 US dollars a night.

Obviously, rapid and comfortable travel requires spending more money. Flights and soft-sleeper berths cost twice as much as hard-sleeper train berth and five or six times the costs of covering the same route by bus.

Overall, with around 23 US dollars a day you can travel cheaply and get some basic services in most of the interior provinces; traveling more widely and in better comfort requires around 45 US dollars a day; and traveling with all comfort that is possible and visiting only key places along the east coast requires at least 75 US dollars a day.

Sometimes you can apply for a Card of costs reduction in China, generally awarded to students or people with Chinese descent. This reduction used to include train travel, airfares and hotels, but now it has extended to entry fees for museums and famous places.

Costs in Hong Kong and Macau are much elevated for equivalent services than the rest of China, principally for accommodation. Drink and food, like in the whole country, are accessible and transport expenses are very small. A decent dorm bed costs about 90 US dollars or even more per night. You can eat in cheap lodgings for around 30 US dollars a day, but also you can eat in a mid-range restaurant, where a meal costs 35 US dollars; or in luxury restaurant for around 120 US dollars.

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