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Working and studying in China

Working and studying in China Opportunities of studying and working in China have highly increased in the last half century. Nowadays, a large number of universities and colleges have students and teachers from different nationalities; and a lot of foreign workers are employed in distinct occupations, not only in the traditional teaching jobs. The majority of alien residents in China are students from different parts of the world.

Embassies often help to publish employment opportunities and possibilities of studying in China.

People who want to study or work in China have to consider that most employments last between six months and a year, and scholarship takes two years or more. If you are decided to change your life-style and improve your career, China could be a wonderful chance for you. Most people enjoy the change. However, it is not always easy, especially with the food, housing, the language, and emotional issues. Also, create a good resume for job-seekers in China is very difficult. We recommend you to use a professional resume builder to find a better job in this country.

Fortunately, in largest cities like Shanghai or Hong Kong, there are many services for foreign residents including grocery stores with Western products, restaurants and fast foods with a wide range of dishes, several international businesses, and a great number of English speakers.

Another thing that you should consider is that China has changed a lot in the last century. Do not expect to find Buddhist monks in every corner. Religion was forbidden by the Communist government which just tolerates few monitored churches. Neither expects to find calm landscapes of rolling hills. Today, China is extremely loud, with huge number of people walking in the streets, massive constructions in everywhere and an appalling traffic.

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