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Chinese Music In current Chinese cities the traditional style has been reduced to the kitsch folk troupes that only can be heard in hotels and concert halls, and it have to compete with bland pop.

Conversely, a wide range of traditional music still thrives throughout the countryside; and can be heard in weddings, funerals, temple fairs, festivities and even in tea houses. Another distinct edgier sound can be heard in certain smoky city bars, a new form of urban anxiety expressed through rock.

Hong Kong and Taiwan are commercialized segments with their own musical features. The more varied and stylized types are in mainland China.

The music of China dates back to the earlier Chinese civilization. Some documents and artifacts are an indication of a well-developed musical culture since the time of the Zhou dynasty, three millennia ago. Then, several dynasties added particular characteristics performing a singular music style with different instruments renowned in the world.

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