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Chinese martial arts Chinese Martial Arts –“Wushu” have been created and developed for self-defense and survival through China's history becoming the most versatile martial art in the world. Correct Wushu training improves physical ability, health and willpower. It provides to an individual an exceptional method of exercise, a personal art form, a competitive sport and a source for self-defense and sparring.

Outside China, the most popular term to refer its martial arts is "Kung-fu", which actually means one's ability in any skill, not necessarily martial. Recently Chinese government altered the term Wushu (martial art) to “Guoshu” (national method).

Martial arts have been practiced in China for centuries due to its tumultuous antique history (warring clans, states and even dynasties). People learned techniques of attack and defense to survive in their hostile environment. Movements in martial art comprise kick, boxing, wresting and seizing, which are executed with basic rules.

There are hundreds techniques inside the Chinese martial arts. At present, the fighting styles that are still practiced are forms of Wushu such as: Bagua, Drunken Boxing, Eagle Claw, Five Animals, Hsing I, Hung Gar, Lau Gar, Monkey, Praying Mantis, White Crane, Wing Chun and the well-known Tai Chi Chuan or just Tai Chi. The majority of styles are inspired by Chinese philosophical beliefs, myths, and legends; and reproduce the movements of animals.

Experts consider that the Chinese martial arts are the predecessor of the martial arts practiced in Japan, Korea, and Tibet. These include Karate, Judo and Taekwondo.

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Martial arts of China are habitually classified by one of two methods: External or Internal styles and Northern or Southern styles...

Competitions and practitioners
The martial sports are known as “Wushu”. In a competition, all of these fundamental steps have to be demonstrated by the competitor to win...

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