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Chinese Festivals Most Chinese Festivals take place throughout the Lunar year, in which the month begin when the moon is at its thinnest and the middle of the month is marked by the full moon. As Gregorian calendar is not equal to the Chinese lunar calendar, the festivals are on different dates every year.

Festivals often celebrate the change of seasons or auspicious dates, like the eighth day of the eighth month (“eight” is a lucky number within the Chinese tradition). These festivals are the occasion when the Chinese take a time for gift giving, family meeting and feasting. Each festival represents the great ancient folklore of the country, and counts with the participation and the excitement of the population.

Despite the Cultural Revolution during the last century interrupted the regularity of festivals and religious observances; in recent decades the Chinese have recuperated his old traditions. Hong Kong is perhaps the best place for enjoy the Chinese festivals, because here are celebrated almost all with amazing bright lights and decoration.

Temples during festivals smell of incense and people queue up to touch the altars and play games that bring good luck, like trying to hit the shrine bell with thrown coins.

Note that all Chinese ethnic minorities have their own customs and ritual observances.

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