China travel guide


China Travel Guide

Cost, money and banks

Money in China Compared to the main European or American destinations, travel to China is very affordable, but compared to the rest of Asia, China can turn in an expensive place.

Prices in China are cheaper than in most western countries for almost everything, principally for food and transport. However, it varies according in where region you are. The most expensive zones are Hong Kong, Macau and the cities in the eastern seaboard. You also have to consider if you will travel during holidays, the size of the city, the proximity to popular tourist spots and the level of comfort you want.

Admission fees to some tourist places are frequently a great part of your expenses.

Is recommendable to use credit cards to withdraw money from ATMs, but note that cash is more popular in China, so you have to be prepared to carry with you cash before you start each day trip.

The base unit of Chinese Currency is the Yuan (¥), formally called the renminbi (CNY) and colloquially known as kuai...

China is huge and has severe regional variations; that is why it is hard to make accurate calculations of how much money you will need for each day...

Traveler's checks, cash and cards
The best way to carry your funds is by traveler's checks, which are available through banks and travel agents in major cities of China...

The Chinese’s banking system is under state management. The People's Bank of China is the vital economic institution...

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