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Art in China Chinese art includes both the ancient and the modern art, practiced by artists or performers inside the Chinese mainland. The artistic expressions appeared around 10,000 BC with simple pottery and sculptures in a period known as "Stone Age Art". After this early period, a succession of dynasties continued and improved the art production of the country for centuries.

Taiwan and other countries of the Asian East have been historically related with the Chinese heritage and culture. That is why the art of these places are considered part of the rich Chinese art.

Many splendid art objects can be found at Western and Chinese museums. Inside the country, there are numerous provincial and city museums, which preserve beautiful relics of at least two thousand years. In general, museums have similar contents and layout, but frequently there are not available explanations in English or other language different to Chinese.

Since the nineteenth century, a lot of unique artistic pieces have been moved to Europe and other countries of the world. During the last century, the Chinese Nationalists removed part of the imperial collections to Taiwan today they are at the National Palace Museum of Taipei - escaping of the Communist persecution.

The art in China include also its world-famous opera, poetry, native dances and paper-cutting. If you're searching for a job in China related to art, speally museums, you may consider download some art CV examples to apply better for a job.

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Pottery, bronzes and sculpture
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Chinese poetry
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Chinese opera
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