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Getting around Beijing

Nowadays though several residents of the town of Beijing know conversational English, one should not count on finding a taxi driver who speaks English well.

It's recommendable before embarking on a trip around the town, to have the names of the sites you want to visit in Chinese characters.

By train / subway: The subway is a way easy to get around the town and a traveller or tourist can easily figure it out through the station maps & English signs & language. Nowadays, the city of Beijing has 4 subway lines:
Line 1, runs from the industrial Pingguoyuan area in the west to Sihui East and has 21 stops & follows Chang'an Dajie, the principal avenue of Beijing.

Line 2, is also known as the Loop Line. Major stops of interest include Qianmen.

Line 13, does an extended northern semi-loop from Dongzhimen via Huilongguan among Xizhimen.

The Batong Line, runs east from Sihui to Tuqiao in eastern suburban Beijing.
By bus: The bus system in the city of Beijing is cheap, but generally the bus staff speak little english, and only known some names in english of city center.

Nowadays, by the "Beijing 2008 Olympics games" have arrived several shiny new buses and several buses now feature TVs, air-conditioning and a broadcast system that announces stops.

Warning, you always must keep an eye on your valuables in the buses and subways.

By car: Renting a car usually is not recommendable for tourists, because driving in the city of Beijing can be quite complicated besides to be expensive.

Also, there are rent cars that come with drivers, the the approximate price is of 1000 per day.

By taxi: It's recommendable, as they are comfortable and are fairly cheap for travelers from Western countries.

The only disadvantage is that the congested traffic of Beijing often gives rise to long jams.

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