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Chang'an Jie: A cultural and historic city, Beijing boasts a history of over 3000 years, 850 of which have been as capital of China.

The city of Beijin is rich in cultural relics. The Summer Palace, the forbidden city, the temple of Heaven, the Great Wall, the Ming Tombs and the Peking Man Site are listed by the Unesco as World Cultural Heritage Sites.

It's the central axis of the city of Beijing and is known as the first street of the nation.
Tian'anmen Gate: It was represented as the symbol of the revolutionary new china. Tian'anmen Gate is situated in the north of Tian'anmen Square and it was built in 1417 and mentioned as the principal gate of the former Imperial Palace, Chengtian Men.

Tian'anmen Square was originally designed during 1651 and cemented and quadrupled in size during 1958.

Nowadays, it covers an area of 405000 mē and can hold up to one millon people and it's one of the largest public square in the world.
Yuanming Garden: Yuanming Garden was built during the Qing Dynasty over a period of 150 years and included 3 gardens: Changchun Yuan, Yuanming Yuan and Qichun Yuan.

Yuanming Garden have an area covered about 3400000 mē, the peaks of the Western hills formed the background; the hills and lakes were man-made.

It was famous by its 3-in-one garden and considered a masterpiece of Chinese gardening. But, during 1860, the allied forces of France and Great Britain reduced it to cinders within 10 days.
Beihai Park: There are 3 lakes west of the Imperial Palace: Nanhai, the South Lake, Zhonghai, the Central Lake and Beihai, the North Lake.

Its history goes back more than 800 years. However, in the 10th century, an imperial residence was built here.

But, when Beijing became the capital of the Yuan dynasty, the first Yuan emperor, Kublai Khan, had the park splendidly designed.
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