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The city of Beijing offers a wide variety of entertainment. Nowadays all visitors can enjoy of the Chinese Drama, Beijing Opera, bar for drink, and many more.

Perfomances: The city of Beijing is the cradle of Opera, cross-talk, acrobatics, and story-telling, Also Beijing Opera is considered the quintessence of Chinese culture. All very popular.

Some recommended concert halls and theaters.

Beijing Concert Hall, location: (No.1, Beixinhua Jie, Chaoyang District).
Jinfan Concert Hall, location: (No.24, Wangfujing Dajie, Dongcheng District).
Huguang Huiguan Theater, location: (No.3, Hufang Lu, Xuanwu District).
Chang'an Grand Theater, location: (No.7, Dongchangan Jie, Dongcheng District).
Liyuan Theater, location: (1/F, Qianmen Jianguo Hotel, No.175, Yong'an Lu).
Capital Theater, location: (No.22, Wangfujing Dajie, Dongcheng District).
Zhengyici Theater, location: (No.220, Xiheyan Dajie, Dongcheng District).
Tianqiao Theater, location: (No 30, Beiwei Lu, Xuanwu District).

Bars: There are 400 or more bars in Beijing, that are known as the world of night-owls. The bars most famous is located in the sanlitun Bar Street.

Some recimmended bars:

Cross Club, location: (No.78, Sanlitun Nanjie, Chaoyang District).
Angel Club, location: (No.6, Gongti Xi Lu, Chaoyang District).
Mix Club, location: (North gate of Worker's Stadium, Gongti Bei Lu, Chaoyang District).
Jazz-Ya, location: (No.18, Sanlitun Beijie, Chaoyang District).
Comma Bar, location: (No 54, Sanlitun Beijie, Chaoyang District).
Swing, location: (No.58, Sanlitun Beijie, Chaoyang District).
Buddha 2, locantion: (No. 16, Houhai Yindingqiao, Xicheng District).
Big Easy, location: (East of the south gate of the Chaoyang Park, Chaoyang District).
Pretty Bird, location: (Building 3, Quarter 4, Anhua Xili, Chaoyang District).

Karaoke TV: Nowadays, the Karaoke TV is very popular with the Chinese people, generally the karaokes are open by the nights.

Some recommended Karaoke:

K 2 KTV, location: (Rainbow Plaza (Longbo Plaza), No.16, Dongsanhuan Beilu, Chaoyang District).
Melody KTV (Chaowai Branch), location: (No.77, Chaowai Dajie, Chaoyang District).
Party Life KTV (Zhongguancun Branch), location: (No.32, Zhongguancun Nandajie, Haidian District).
Cashbox Party World (Chaowai Branch), location: (1/F, Fanli Prime Tower (Fanli Mansion), Qianmen Xidajie, Tiananmen Square).
Oriental Scala KTV, location: (Gongxiao Mansion, No.28, Guandongdian, Chaoyang District).

Sports: The sports centers in Beijing have been enriching the lives of several people. Nowadays, there are several venues for locals to be involved in daily exercise like football, tennis and basketball.

Some recommended Sports centers:

Guigu 2008 Club, location: (No.15, Haidian Sports Center, Haidian District).
Capital Stadium, location: (No.50, Baishiqiao Lu, Haidian District).
Xiannongtan Stadium, location: (No.11, Xiannongtan Jie, Xuanwu District).
Yuetan Stadium, location: (No. Jia 1, Yuetan Nanjie, Xicheng District).
Scitech Club, location: (No.22, Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District).
Dongdan Sports Center, location: (Near the Beijing Hotel, east end of Dongchang'an Street, Dongcheng District).

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